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{POSH PIXELS} Gilded Wings - Destruction

Location: LICK Sim Designs – Belleck House

Pose by Eternal Dream (in photo Saella 05 was available at FF2015)

Exclusive Outfit @ Solaris AW15 Fashion Week

{POSH PIXELS} – Gilded Wings – Destruction

I am a caged butterfly,
who just wants to break free,
but there are too many secrets haunting me,
Too many lies that threaten to spring forth,
and take away all that i have worked for.
Tainted by hate and hurt by the same,
I’m just a whirl of colors,
nothing that’s tame.
Loved and envied every day,
I’m a gift and a curse that i must accept all the same.
I’m stuck under the drama and pressure of my life,
Beautiful though I am,
I cannot fly.
I am a butterfly,
delicate and sweet,
the grind of everyday life is threating to crush me.
Everytime my cage is opened and I see the light of day,
A familiar destruction overtakes,
sweeping away all hope,
of what was meant to be.
Of all the happiness,
that should’ve been mine to keep.


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