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I am honored to have been chosen as the official blogger for a charity event such as 2016 RFL Home and Garden Expo, which is running from 14th February through 6th March.
It is for me the first time that I attempt to blog exclusively for Home and Garden items and I will do my best by inviting my readers to visit the Expo, encouraging them to donate for research.
You can find all Donation items in the special RFL vendors and they are 100% proceeds go towards the charity.
Hope is the name of Expo sims, each of which promotes by a prestigious brands.
Hope 9 is my assigned sim and it is sponsored by Potomac Signature Homes.

First of all I would like to show the New Release “The Brookside“.
This home use 260 land impact including the home, garage, kitchen, fireplaces, and even the exterior hedges.
Measurements of the home, including the back deck and stairs, are 51 x 32.
Additional items are included for your use if you choose, and will use additional land impact.
These include the Lamp Post, stones for driveway and rezzables in the stove and fireplaces.

lampfireplaceThe texture change roof and optional snow roof let you enjoy this beautiful home all year round.

roofsHome controllers:
Windows: Clicking the controller marked Windows you can set the inside view to clear, rain, snow, or falling leaves.
Exterior windows have a variety of curtain texture options.
windowsSnow Roof: This is a rezzer for the mesh snow roof. It will rez already in place on the home.

snowroofDoors: Via Menu you can set the door to owner only, group tag only, or everyone. You can also change the length of time the door stays open. This can be set separately for EACH door.
Fireplace: clicking on the hearth of the fireplace you will get a drop down window of options (logs no fire, logs+fire, candles and Chimney Smoke).
firecKitchen: In the kitchen you will find a refrigerator with opening doors and a stove with rezzable food. Click on the oven controllers for the menu.
Click on the sink to toggle on and off the running water.
kitchenAnd now two wonderful items 100% Donation
Echo Creek Footbridge: Accompanied by pleasant sounds, an adorable teddy bear fishing on the bridge.
potomac2The Wishing Well
Potomac Signature Homes takes part of RFL The Expo hunt with Plaid chair set

Hint: Spring is in full **SWING** at Potomac!

Here complete map of Hope 9

map-hope-9Don’t forget to visit the Expo and especially to Donate. Cancer Research Needs You!