I have a studio in my garage – RFL Home & Garden Expo

I am a very hospitable woman but you must use time even to achieve something you have in head.


In my garage I have a studio where I work, draw, study and I use computer for surf the web. I think this 100% RFL item by Cleo Design is perfect for me.
The architect  work  set includes ceiling lights, crate storage shelves with files and books , desk, a computer side desk with tower, keyboard, wireless mouse, monitor, stapler, coffee, stool and architect tools. The stool has drafting animations, the lights turn on/off by touch. studio

For my relax,  I can choose to sit on the Makeshift Benche (with or without bottle)  or on the Old Broken Chairs (blue and red) by Nomad. They are 100% Donation to Relay for Life at Hope 9

But also on the “Watercolor Pouf” a new release by Shabby Tabby that you find at Hope 8

The Shabby Tabby Donation item is there, on the wall, it is Spring Unfurls. Have you seen how many colors? Don’t forget the Diy recycled frames, Donation item by Uncertain Smile at Hope 8

Naturally “after work you must take a long break 😛” so the second RFL item (Cleo Design) is the pallet seat which includes pallet table and sofa with single and couples poses.



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