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Last days to visit 2016 RFL Home and Garden Expo . But don’t worry, you can always DONATE!

Today I’d like invite you to visit my living-room

True North Designs is Silver sponsor of Hope 9 @ 2016 RFL H&G Expo. It offers the new release Mediterranean Lounge Collection, only 16 land impact, that includes 2 seater divan, armchair, low cabinet, hexagonal side table, potted canopy palm plant, table lamp and an ancient wall mosaic of a fish and Rose & Ivy Birdcage Planter (new release too).

On the hexagonal side table you can see Absinthe&Others 100% items donation, the classic simple Tea Service. It Serves tea with milk and tea with lemon, in small, medium, and large cups, to better fit your avatar and your guests, available in in Lilac and Violet. The service  trolley and togetherness creme armchair by Cleo Design are part of Hunt prize @ Hope 9
100% Donation items by True North Designs are Strawberry Daiquiri Tray, only 5 prims and touchable for wearable daiquiri and Valentine Peacock Patio with two upholstery types on the peacock chairs, both Valentine themed of course. Each chair provides AvSitter menu for 12 animated sits to select from. Just Right Click and Sit and Touch the chair anytime for the menu to select a sit from. Includes a glass topped wicker patio table, and sumptuous metal urn with red and white camellia flowers. daiquiriIf your guests have the children in my livingroom there is a “child area”

childareaLittle Llama, Copper Sponsor, presents the How to Train Your Sofa is a dragon themed, provided by HUD for change 5 colors of spine and body with 6 single poses. The Lamp of Shame comes in 3 wood colors, has only 1 Land impact (each) with touchable light on/off. These items, made by Little Llama are 100% Donation.

Aster Construction by Zinia Quan takes part of the Expo with Floor Pillows with Blanket; it has 9 LI, 4 PG poses in each pillow and 3 in the blanket and is 100% Donation.

The Remembrance Shelf, made by Celtic Wolf is provided of framework that you can change picture in it. It is one of 100% Donation item for 2016 RFL Home and Garden Expo


Stove, flamingo, Buddha figure and poppies are included in “together@ home” hunt prize by Cleo Design

Finally an 100% Donation item by Cosmos Boutique (Katy Cosmos), the Cosmos Miniature Blossom Tree & Porcelain Swans.

Cosmos Boutique has been in business since 2008, and focuses on Gardens and Home Décor. There is a large stock of items to choose from including plants, small trees and bushes, plantings, small landscaping items, flowers, hand-held bouquets, ponds, garden seating and seasonal choices.

Don’t forget to visit the Expo and especially to Donate. Cancer Research Needs You!