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** C R E D I T S **

pose: More to the world by LW Poses – Exclusive @♥ Pose Lover & Friends event
decor: Nocturne Gothic set by CIRCA – Exclusive @♥ Swank
in photo
“Nocturne” Art Frame Misty Scene
“Nocturne” Wall Candle Sconce Black/Violet
“Nocturne” Stone Victorian Fireplace Grey/Violet
“Nocturne” Gothic Bench Seat Violet Velvet (26 pos)
“Nocturne” Willow Vases Pewter/Violet
“Nocturne” Gothic Stand Mirror Grey Silver (2 pos)
“Nocturne” Demi Lune Cabinet & Candelabra Black
“Nocturne” Lounger Sofa PG Black & Violet (78 pos)
“Nocturne” Floral Area Rug Black & Plum
“Nocturne” Floral Area Rug Plum
“Nocturne” Bird Cage Stand Violet & Pewter

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