My new family

S W AN K is open! New location, new and more Prestigious Designers, dedicated area for more Home&Garden, more fashion, more esclusives items for you. Therefore don’t miss it!

Swank runs from May 7 to 31

my new family 01 evo pic

[evoLove] – Emily – Exclusive @ Pose Lover Event (May 9th-23rd)

my new family 02 lab pic
Pose by Label Motion

Exclusives at Swank Event May Round

PurpleMoon Creations – Hakuna dress with wrap and necklace
3rd Eye Perceptions – Slumbering bear family



3 thoughts on “My new family

  1. There were, but they died out.

    The Atlas bear is believed to have been an extinct subspecies of Brown bear that inhabited the Atlas Mountains in North Africa up until around 150 years ago.

    In Ancient Rome, this bear is believed to have been used in various instances of blood sport, most notably Venatio and Damnatio ad bestias, where thousands of animals were killed in bloody games. With the advent of modern firearms, Atlas bear populations plummeted, only worsened by the demand for bears in zoos. By 1870, the last Atlas bear was killed. The Atlas bear is believed to have been the only African Bear to have survived into modern times.

    In recent history, no bear has naturally lived in Sub-Saharan Africa. The only bear species known to have inhabited this part of the world is the extinct Ursid Agriotherium africanum which lived in sub-Saharan Africa until around 1.5 million years ago.


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